2 Evolution Botanical jars of Rhodiola and Chaga sitting on a wooden table next to a beaker with an unknown liquid inside.

Chaga & Rhodiola Tonic - Energising Coffee Replacement

How to make an energising Chaga & Rhodiola coffee replacement tonic.

Feature ingredients:

Evolution Botanicals Organic Chaga Extract has delicious earthy tones and bitter notes that resemble coffee and is packed with potent antioxidants like SOD and melanin plus Beta-D-Glucans for immunity. Besides the taste Chaga is great when taking a break from coffee because of its anti inflammatory and liver detoxifying properties.

Evolution Botanicals Organic Rhodiola Extract is a great anti-stress, energy and mood lifting adaptogen, exactly what you need when the coffee withdrawals start to hit and a great natural and healthy pick me up in general.

- Add 1.5 tsp of Evolution Botanicals Siberian Chaga
- Add 0.5 tsp of Evolution Botanicals Rhodiola
- Add hot water and plant milk to suit.
- Sweeten as desired.

BRAVO, you now have an energising coffee replacement.

Pro tip: Add a 0.5tsp of Reishi to increase detoxifying affect (increases bitterness) but great addition for health seekers. Add 0.5 tsp of Cordyceps for greater adrenal nourishing and slow burning energy boost.

A person pouring a black mushroom liquid into a glass with a jar of Organic Chaga sitting next to it.
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