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Miron Violet Glass (Biophotonic) Storage Jars

Miron Violet Glass (Biophotonic) Storage Jars

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These Miron Violet Glass, Wide Neck Jars are fabulous for storing our bulk range of functional mushrooms and herbs as well as being perfect storage containers for supplements, spices, extracts, honey, super foods, powders, teas, coffee and much, much more. These wide neck jars are specially designed to be 100% airtight with a patented cushion seal.

Biophotonic Glass known also as Miron or Violet Glass, is superior for preserving and storing. The glass naturally filters the full spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing Infra-Red and UVA light through, keeping everything super fresh and increasing both shelf life and effectiveness of light sensitive products.

Made in Europe.

Available in 4 different sizes. Buy a 3 pack and SAVE

200ml Jar and Lid– Height 11.0cm x Diameter 6.2cm
300ml Jar and Lid– Height 12.7cm x Diameter 6.9cm
500ml Jar and Lid – Height 15.5cm x Diameter 8.0cm
1000ml Jar and Lid – Height 19.8cm x Diameter 9.5cm
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