Chaga Extract (Organic 11:1)

'King of mushrooms'

    Chaga, 'The King of Mushrooms' a fungi with many adaptogenic properties that benefit health and wellbeing but is a first recommendation for Immunity and as a powerful antioxidant. Chaga is the perfect coffee replacement and our recommended product of choice for those doing a coffee detox or as a base for tonic drinks featuring some of our other mushrooms and herbs. 


    • Powerful Immune Support
    • Potent anti-oxidant
    • Rich in Melanin and SOD
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Supports liver detoxification and liver health
    • Powerful longevity tonic
    • Lowers pain, swelling and inflammation 

    Take 1-3 grams daily. Our Chaga is a potent 11:1 extract. 

    HOW TO TAKE: Chaga is a fantastic coffee replacement and mixes well with cacao

    100% Chaga Extract | 11:1 Extraction Ratio | Dual Extracted | Certified Organic | No Fillers | Wild Cultivation | Grown on Living Birch Trees


    Chaga has been used traditionally by people in Scandanavia, Siberia and Russia. Chaga is brewed daily into a restorative and anti-inflammatory mushroom health tonic that strengthens the body and prevents disease and infection. Ancient Russians and Scandinavians have been using Chaga for centuries, in fact, the word Chaga is derived from чага, which is translated from an indigenous language near the Ural Mountains into mushroom. The Khanty people of Western Siberia, used Chaga “for general well-being, internal cleaning and curing and preventing disease in general, but in particular for liver problems, heart problems, tuberculosis and to get rid of parasitic worms” (Oriveda, 2016).

    In addition, the indigenous Ainu people of the Hokkaido, Sahkhalin and Kuri Island areas would perform religious ceremonies while smoking pipes of Chaga, as well as, drink it as a tea to treat inflammatory conditions. Chaga Mushroom began to officially appear in formal and folk medicinal texts from Russia and northern Europe around the 16th century. Since then, each generation has proliferated the expansion and use of Chaga across the globe...


  • Key quality indicators for medicinal mushrooms explained. 


    100g Powder (Miron Glass) / 500g powder (Stand Up Pouch)

    Extract Strength

    11:1 (indicative) + 20% Beta-D-Glucans

    This means 1 gram of our extract is equal to 11 grams of dried Chaga.


    Yes. Our Chaga is certified USDA organic.  Our Brand will be certified in 2021.

    Growth Substrate

    Living Birch Trees

    Why is this important? The growth substrate for Medicinal Mushrooms greatly alters the quantity of active medicinal compounds in the product. Chaga requires living birch to create the secondary metabolites that are medicinally beneficial to us. 

    Part Used

    100% Fruit Bodies.

    Why is this important? The fruiting body of the mushroom contains the highest quantity of active medicinal compounds. Some manufacturers add the mushroom mycelium to the product as a filler, this is the root system of the mushroom (called hyphae) and has less medicinally active compounds. Our product is free from all fillers.


    Siberia (Di Tao)

    Our Chaga is grown in the pristine Birch Forests of Siberia (a remote forested area larger then Australia, thats not a typo). Sourcing herbs from their native environment as we have done is also called Di Tao and is said to imbue greater potency to the herbs, Siberian Chaga is considered superior to other varieties. 

    Being Di Tao is not to be confused with being Organic. Di Dao herbs may still come into contact with non organic contaminants during farming or extraction. Di Tao herbs are not audited for quality like Organic Herbs are. We are both Organic and Di Dao.  

    Quality Testing

    This product has been standardised to contain 20% + Beta-D-Glucans from Inonotus obliquus or Siberian Chaga. All our products are tested to ensure the highest quantity of medicinally active compounds, we are one of the few companies who do this expensive product validation.

    Every batch of our product is lab tested for over 250+ parameters to ensure it is free from any nasties like heavy metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, or contaminants. This products is processed to ISO standards in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) facilities. We take no shortcuts to ensure quality.


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    Updated 30.05.2019
    Note country of Origin in COA refers to country extract was produced. Our Chaga originates from Siberia, Russia and is then shipped to an extraction facility in China. The extraction facility is GMP and ISO certified to ensure quality.