Evolution Botanicals

Quality FAQ's

This FAQ answers all your questions regarding our quality, potency and purity. After reading this you will understand why so many trust us for their herbal extracts.


Yes our products are sourced from certified organic farms, and are processed in certified organic extraction facilities.

Why is this important?
Being certified organic means you have a supply chain that is overseen by a highly trusted third party to ensure all goods are free from Chemicals, GMO's, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals and any other unnatural contaminants. All our suppliers pass rigorous quality control points, testing and annual audits. Certified Organic products are products that you can truely trust and have confidence in. Our farmers are all certified under the USDA certification program.

Are your products Dao Di?

Does being certified organic mean your products are lab grown?

Is Beta-D-Glucan testing important?

Are your herbs tested for contaminants?

What does the extraction ratio mean?

What is removed during extraction?

Is extraction required? Would whole herbs be better?

Is Dual extraction better then water extraction?

Are you products full spectrum herbal extracts?

Is your Chaga sustainably Wild Harvested?

Why is the growth substrate improtant?