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Organic Turkey Tail

Organic Turkey Tail

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The vibrant and multi-coloured Turkey Tail is often valued for boosting and balancing the body's defences and a way to revitalise. And now, with our Organic Turkey Tail extract powder, this remarkable mushroom can be enjoyed as a tea to help ward off tiredness and low energy. Truly, a marvel of nature, offering nourishment to those seeking a healthy way to reconnect their wellbeing.

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How To Use

Energy Force

Organic Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail is aptly named for its vibrant, multi-colored fan-like appearance reminiscent of a turkey's fanned tail. Found in forests around the world, this mushroom adorns dead logs with its intricate layers, creating a stunning spectacle of colors. Historically, Turkey Tail has long been embraced in traditional Asian medicine, and its abundance in essential bioactive compounds showcases an array of health advantages. In modern times, it's increasingly recognized as a valuable bio-functional food source.

Full Spectrum

How To Use

Step 1

Add 1.4g to cup

Step 2

Add hot water and stir well

Step 3

Add milk or milk alternative

Step 4

Or add to coffee, smoothies or shakes


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