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Organic Tremella

Organic Tremella

'Beauty & Glow'

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Organic Tremella, a translucent Yin beauty mushroom, may rejuvenate skin complexion, suppleness, radiance, and moisture retention. It replenishes hydration, leaving you aglow. "My skin's less dry," raves one user, "so luscious and nurturing." Tremella may boost collagen, protects skin structure, and provides an anti-fatigue effect. Unlock radiant, youthful skin with this ancient beauty secret.

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How To Use


Beauty Glow


Our Organic Tremella is crafted with unparalleled care, it’s all natural with no fillers. We meticulously source the finest fruiting bodies from organic farms using traditional hardwood growing methods. We conduct rigorous testing to deliver a full spectrum powder packed with key active components including 15% beta-glucans.

Icon of a mushroom stalk 100% Fruiting Bodies
Icon of a plant matter structure under a microscope 15% B-Glucans
Icon of leaves growing out of a beaker Lab Tested
Circle with a line through it No Fillers

How To Use

Step 1

Add 1.6g to cup

Step 2

Add hot water

Step 3

Stir vigorously or use milk frother

Step 4

Add milk or milk alternative


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