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Tincture Wellness Pack

Tincture Wellness Pack

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The Wellness Pack contains eight herbal extracts traditionally used to maintain immunity, support mood balance, induce sleep, relieve colds, reduce stress, calm the mind and maintain healthy digestion. These practitioner-grade herbal extracts offer a natural approach to wellness and are staples for everyday wellness. 

1x Ashwagandha – Adaptogen
1x Echinacea – Maintain Immunity

1x Elderberry – Cold & Throat
1x Valerian – Sleep Support
1x Lemon Balm – Reduce Stress
1x Chamomile – Calm & Relax
1x California Poppy – Mood Balance
1x Peppermint – Healthy Digestion

Our seed to bottle herbal extraction process commences within 24 hours of the herbs being harvested, capturing their active medicinal constituents in a concentrated oral liquid form, size 30ml each.

Please refer to the individual herbal extracts for their full benefits.

Contains: No fillers, no oils, no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, no yeast, no wheat, no lactose, no milk derivatives, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours. Suitable for Vegans. Contain ethanol.

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