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Evo Protein + Mushroom – Creamy Vanilla

Evo Protein + Mushroom – Creamy Vanilla

Muscle Tone
Sustained Energy
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EVO Protein is an ALL-NEW certified organic plant protein with OPTIMISED ioPea™, which is highly effective to help build muscle and fast recovery. It’s the first plant protein that is clinically proven to have the bioavailability of whey protein, 300% more than standard pea protein. It’s also enhanced with Functional Mushrooms, known for enhancing energy, supporting the immune function, and promoting radiant skin & beauty. Delicious Creamy Vanilla that is naturally sweet and contains 22g clean protein per serve.

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ioPea™ Ingredient Optimised

IoPea™ protein powder uses natural atmospheric plasma technology known as Ingredient Optimized®. This clinically proven process is applied to our organic sprouted fermented pea protein sourced from Canadian golden peas. It alters the protein structure, increasing the surface area for significantly improved digestion and absorption.


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EVO Protein Enhanced

With the following Functional Mushrooms

  • Cordyceps

    Cordyceps militaris mushrooms were originally eaten by the mountain people of Tibet who used them to increase libido and physical stamina.

  • Turkey Tail

    The vibrant and multi-coloured Turkey Tail is often valued for boosting and balancing the body's defences and a way to revitalise.

  • Tremella

    Tremella is a translucent mushroom that has been a Yin beauty ingredient for centuries, used for skin complexion, suppleness, radiance, and moisturising.