Storage Information

Your herbal extracts are packaged either in Miron Glass with a safety seal or in lightproof foil lined stand up pouches. Both of these packaging options will protect your herbs from moisture and light but there's a few tips that can help you keep them this way once they enter your home apothecary.

Your herbs are susceptible to moisture, this is especially true of the medicinal mushrooms which will actively draw moisture out of humid air. To protect your herbs from moisture ensure any instrument entering your jar or bag is completely dry and free of moisture. Also ensure the lids on your products are sealed tight in between usage and retain the protective seal on products in Miron Glass jars. The medicinal mushrooms will start to become sticky if exposed to moisture or humid air for too long, if this happens please note they are still safe to consume and medicinally potent, to use herbs in this condition mix with hot water to redissolve. 

Your herbs are packaged in a way that will protect them from light damage. Light has the potential to degrade some of the medicinal compounds found in your herbs. During usage avoid storing them in direct light, this is especially true if your packaging has a window in it.

We recommend all herbs are stored below 30C as a general precaution. Many of the herbal extracts are very heat tolerant, including the medicinal mushrooms, and are fine to use in hot beverages and cooking without compromising potency.. 

All herbs and extracts have 2 years shelf life at time of packing. 

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